Hello and welcome!  If you cannot tell by the title of this website, my name is Melissa Gessner.  I am an undergraduate student at Towson University and have changed my major three times within three semesters.  How exciting.  Recently, I joined a media production society known as Lambda Kappa Tau.  I also joined a chapter called Her Campus Towson the beginning of my sophomore year which is an online magazine publication, based in Boston, MA.  After an amazing year with Her Campus Towson as a contributor, I found myself leading it my junior year as co-president, along with Alicia Reynolds.  This organization initially sparked my interest in writing and, for once, putting my content out there for others to read.  One of the categories I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the most were the profiles on students and faculty around campus and being able to shine light on what they do.

When I was younger, I truly thought college was not for me and that I would go onto becoming a “famous singer,” like every six year old dreamed.  While I do still daydream of that happening from time to time, my second career aspiration would be to work for a well known magazine, such as National Geographic, and travel the world to capture and tell individuals’ life stories.  I would also like to possibly have published my own novel or poetry book.  Who knows!  What I am certain of is that my future career will consist of me generating content for others to also be inspired by and hopefully continue the circle of creativity.  Along with singing, my other hobbies include photography, writing, yoga, pilates, fashion, trying to make people laugh, and drinking coffee from time to time.  Photography was always of an interest to me.  I initially fell in love with it because of my grandma.  She filled her house with the most beautiful photography I’ve ever seen, and when I got my Nikon D5100 for my 15th birthday, I was sold.




“Don’t compare your life to others.  There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon.

They shine when it’s their time.”